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" artfully designed set piece by J.P. Luckenbach."


Los Angeles Times
"All the period details are finely conjured, from set designer J.P. Luckenbach’s impressive Mission home to Naila Aladdin Sanders’ costumes."

"J.P. Luckenbach’s set design is masterfully unique and functional."

"Bronzeville is easily the best play I have seen in years...The small set never changes but serves as a family's home, a night club, a camera shop, a police station, a garden, and so on.  As an audience member, you feel incredibly connected to the events taking place. "

"The set sprawls lengthwise across this long narrow space. It's inviting, welcoming, and wooden. Warmly reminds me of home with a beautiful staircase to a merely hinted at second floor with moonlight softly illuminating the front door window."

...the direction and the use of the space was fantastic," "incredible," and "masterfully executed."

"It all takes place on a well-conceived set featuring a scrim with a depiction of spring, centered by a butterfly that can appear both lovely and menacing as it gazes down on the human drama playing out below."


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"JP Luckenbach has designed a remarkable Roman set in which so many funny things happened."

Nominated for Outsatnading Set Design 2009.


Los Angeles Times 

"Production values are far higher than the typical bar for revues."

 Stage Scene

"The final moments of It's Only Life are a breathtaking blend of set, lighting, and imagination."

Los Angeles Times  
"Ben Guillory's staging infuses the piece with passion and urgency"

Stage Scene

"As both political drama and history lesson, A House With No Walls is well worth seeing."

"they’ve certainly put together a very professional-looking production with impressive sets (JP Luckenbach), lighting (Rob Fritz and Matt Shulman), and costumes (Kim Overton). "


Thank you J. P. for making the show so beautiful

"The Hamilton Academy razzles and dazzles as they bring Chicago to Los Angeles with their steamy, energized production"



The Internet Theater Magazine of Reviews, Features, Annotated Listings
"John Paul Luckenbach's set design is cleverly splits the stage into two distinct areas (the club, and Ray and Elaine apartment) by blending the features of one into the other and using different paint shades to distinguish boundaries."

"The sets, designed by Sinead Thibault, David A. Cox and J.P. Luckenbach and dressed by Eileen Dietz-Albany are quite impressive in materials and concept, as there are many shifts in locale."


"David Cox directs an amazingly talented cast and brings out the deep Texas flavor in each of them. His innovative set design (worth seeing by itself) turns the stage into a metaphor for the family's struggle, as the two sets fluidly shift from dens of tranquility to madness."

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The 22nd Annual L.A. Weekly Theater Awards Nominations

The Darker Face of the Earth, Fountain Theater/BAND, the American Renegade Theater

  Los Angeles Times


Back Stage West   

"This production, written by and starring Ilia Volok and David Laird Scott, is a decently crafted and neatly performed love letter to the American way with a tinge of Russian sardonicism."

 The Free Library
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``J.P. has been like a saving grace,'' Cox said. ``He knows all the things I don't.''