Oklahoma Wendell Stevenson Director


Thank you J. P. for making the show so beautiful



Thank you J. P. for making the show so beautiful.  It is so emotional for me to watch it now that the production elements have fleshed it out and given it life and color and substance.  It is a stunning achievement and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for all you have done to transform the N.J.P. stage to 1904 Oklahoma.  I am so indebted to you for all your hours of hard work, running all over the county and creating a production that makes me actually emotional watching it.  You are a genius, I told you that after Grapes and I’m thrilled and honored to share the stage with you and your seemingly limitless talents.  I trust your judgment and I love your vision and I know we will work together seamlessly to bring the Academy back to its full potential.  Believe me, I know I couldn’t possibly do it without you and I’m proud to call you my friend. 

Thanks for a spectacular production and all the support you’ve given to me and this production over the last 16 weeks. 

I look forward to many, many more happy collaborations with you,